5 Ways To Take Back Your November

5 Ways To Take Back Your November

Somehow November is here. That’s not possible. But, the need for socks in the house tells me the temperature has changed and we’re rapidly approaching “The Holidays.” Last year, I told myself that this November would be different. I would be different. This year, I would have time to read by a fire and cuddle my cat or my kids, whoever would sit still. We’d make more hot cocoa and watch the classics, like“Labyrinth” and “Harry and the Hendersons.” I should get a cat.

Instead, I’m still in the hustle and desperately trying to exit. Ejection button, anyone? There are Hallmark movies to watch and cafes to sit in. Maybe even a scarf to knit. The real me knits scarves, I’m sure of it. Okay, breathe, all is not lost. But I do need a plan to recapture whatever that feeling was in the Folgers Coffee commercial.

Here’s my 5-prong plan to jump into the season before it feels too late:

1. Get my shopping done now. Don’t get me wrong, strolling a holiday mall a few days before Christmas gives me all kinds of good feelings. But I don’t want to HAVE to be there. I want my presents to already be purchased, preferably wrapped, and I’m just here for the pretzels and picture with Santa. The Pink Plate will be my modus operandi to grab gifts I know will be adored. The gift guide will save me hours. Done √.

2. Donate the excess. Nothing kills a mood like needing to pick up the house. This week I am going to take a load to charity. A good deed that soothes the inner screaming and helps me to respond calmly to the question, “Have you seen _________?” With the house in order, I will regain my sanity and know what it feels like to sit on my couch. Ahhhh.

3. Create the cozy. I am lighting all the candles that sound repulsive in July. Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Orchard in Oregon You Sassy Farmer’s Daughter. You know the kind. I’m lighting a fire or playing one on Netflix. I’m googling “the coziest book this season” and heating a kettle. I’ll be dressed like Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping bent over my folk art 1000 piece puzzle until February. Long nights were made for this aesthetic.

4. Make family number one. This includes the friends who are family. The people who will comment on your instagram stories and donate to your GoFundMe. The people you want to write a favorable obituary about you one day that says you “lit up the room.” I want them to know that they make celebrating during these months important. I’m going to make time for the longer conversation with my mom, a little one or an old friend. This may include using my voice on a telephone. Eek.

5. Write Thank Yous. This year, I want everyone to know I’m glad they’re in my life. Well, a lot of people. I am going to make sure I spend this season feeling grateful for all the people who make it great. I am going to even buy some notecards and teach my fingers to write with a pen again. This will undoubtedly bring cheer and help me soak in the Christmas music that probably started playing too early at the grocery store.

Alas, I’ve taken back my November!

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